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Maria Cherry Gallery


Southern American Realism

Maria Cherry Biography

Maria Cherry is Director of the Maria Cherry Gallery and comes from an extensive background of art and interiordesign. She teamed with artist H.R. Lovell in 1998 to form the Maria Cherry Gallery with the idea of "making the viewing of fine art an experience." Along with her creative framing concept, she makes aclient or visitor feel as if they are a part of the painting with descriptions and notes from the actual painting and how it came about...almost a virtual tour of each painting. H.R. Lovell's art and her passion for display and world wide presentation were a natural fit.

Quite an accomplished artist herself, Maria Cherry has a long list of art education and accomplishments.

Listed as follows:


1993-1995, Watkins/O'More School of Interior Design

                   Awarded partial scholarship for Excellence in Design

1992-1993, Savannah College of Art and Design

                 Fashion and Pattern Drafting

                 Emphasis on Elite and Imaginative Design Concepts

                 Full Scholarship for Worksmanship

1990-1992, University of Florida

                Theatre, Set and Clothing Design/Fashion Drafting

                Dance Scholarship

1987-1989, Savannah College of Art and Design

               Painting and Photography

               Emphasis on Design Basics

1986-1987, Middle TN State University

               Art, Design and Dance

               Fine Tuning Basic Design Concepts

1985-1986, Volunteer State Community College

              Introduction to Basic Art and Design Solutions

              Drawing and Color Theory

Along with owning her own interior design company, Maria Cherry Interiors and being the director and owner of the H. R. Lovell Gallery (now the Maria Cherry Gallery),she is working on a clothing line. Maria Cherry has strived to breathe new life in the way art is displayed and presented to the viewing public, passionately believing that a viewer needs to feel a part of the painting by knowing the history of the painting and the artist. She has been strongly involved in the making of three documentaries of Lovell's work, Tennessee Crossroads, The Wildside and the latest, Creative License , giving the viewer a look at Lovell's life on the farm to his progression as an artist of high integrity.

She is working on a clothing line for little girls called"Garments of Praise"inspired by her daughter, Olivia RoseCherry and her niece Zoe Burson. The girls let Maria know that they wanted to be wearing ideas, not just clothing. A clothing line that would express their need for"Glitter and Glam"as well as"Twirly Whirly" and "Fun"! The fashion plates are still in progress and will soon be featured on the website.

Driven by her deep faith in God, a God of the Miraculous and Impossible, her passionate love for her children, Gabe, Noah and Olivia Rose......seeing them become all they can be and her resiliant dedication for H.R. Lovell and his work to be seen by the world, is what motivates 

Maria Cherry to press towards victory and success.

She would also like to thank all the people who have stood beside her, and behind her along this journey towards Scottsdale, Arizona.....a place that is an "art window" to the world and a wonderful catalyst for Divine Inspiration. And most of all to Jesus, her Hero who made the way for a partnership and opportunity to represent an artist like H.R. Lovell who depicts scenes straight from the spirit that reflect pure beauty and raw motion.

Please feel free to call Maria Cherry at 323-326-9569 to set up an appointment or to answer any questions regarding H.R. Lovell's artwork. Maria Cherry will also travel upon request for a personal presentation of Lovell's artwork as well as the planning for future art exhibitions. Thank you again for visitingour website!

Have a wonderful Day!